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GIRLS CALL THE SHOTS is a film and media leadership lab for women and girls.

Why do we exist?

Women and girls are the most prolific consumers of media. They are also the most vulnerable to any narrative that is negative.

Here’s why: we’re so powerfully intuitive that our imagination can be used for us, or against us.

To shift the balance– we’ll train you how to shift the narrative to one that works for you… by making you producers and creators.

The fact is, according to The Nielsen Company:

“Adult women (ages 18-plus) spend more time using these handheld platforms for app/web usage than their male counterparts. Furthermore, when it comes to all users, women spend 6% more time using apps and the web on tablets.”

But here’s why this is could be an issue. According to a study by BMC Public Health reported on by Forbes,

“Girls may be more likely to make comparisons between themselves and others —and earlier research has shown that it’s the comparison-making, in either direction, that seems to be a root cause of social media’s negative effects.”

We’ve worked in South Florida since 2015, making strategic partnerships with organizations serving women, girls and teens.

Our esteemed mentors have included:

Christy Andreoni, Board member, Women in Film and Television- Florida
Kayla Brown, film editor
Tara Chadwick, indigenous cultural advocate
Michelle Hollinger, author of Are You Worthy, and publisher of Sisterhood Magazine
Anika Madison, Online Radio Personality
Loretta McNeir, retired TSA International Government Representative
Katrina Morris, actress
Dominique Seward, documentarian
Matt Whalley, designer who codes and mentors
Nerissa Street, award-winning arts educator and screenwriter

Sponsored by:

Broward Cultural Division
Filmgate Miami
Production Sound Services
Sistrunk Soup
Women in Film and Television – Florida 

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